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About Us

Hemp is a profound healer, and we are passionate about bringing the many benefits that this wonderful plant offers directly to your doorstep. Our team of experts has spent years in this industry learning how to produce the finest rare Delta-8 extracts and hemp-derived products so you can be sure you’re buying the very best.

Our Mission

Create a greater understanding of hemp.  Hemp products offer a range of benefits that we are only beginning to understand. Our team wants to push this process forward.

Protect our planet and consumer health. The only true goal we have is bringing wellness to everything that our business affects. From sustainable farming to stringent health checks, we always keep you and the environment in mind.

Create outstanding products. With a burning desire to stand on the very edge of the industry's growth, our crafters are always looking for new ways to formulate hemp extracts and make them accessible through new products.

Luxe premium THC products
Luxe premium THC products

Fully Transparent

Whether you’re buying Delta-8 candy or pure extract, we want you to feel completely in control, and that only comes from honest and detailed information on all of our processes. Luxe is extremely proud of how we operate, so feel free to ask us anything, at any time!

Luxe premium THC products

Highest Standards for Exquisite Quality

In order to ensure that our creations are the very best, we regularly hire third parties to audit our work. They perform an examination of all that we do, down to the finest details such as Delta-8 e-liquid balancing, and are routinely impressed.

Luxe premium THC products

Seamless Ordering Process

Why waste your valuable time trying to track down a decent store when you can have the world’s best delivered to your door. We operate out of Minnesota but ship across the entire US. Whether you’re looking for a Delta-8 hemp flower joint or a fist full of edibles, we can get it to you in no time!

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